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BALTIC 1000 KM RACE TIMETABLE 16-18 June 2016 download time table (final 14.06)

Entry form

Baltic 1000 km entry form Appendix 1 download entry form (app. 1)

Baltic 1000 km entry form download entry form 2016

Sporting and technical regulations

Baltic 1000 km Sporting & Technical regulations download (version 1.1.)

Baltic 1000 km Sporting & Technical regulations Bulletin 02

Bulletin 03

Bulletin 4. Refueling

Advertising on cars scheme


Hankook tyres list

Bulletin Hankook tyres compulsory

Tyres ordering information

Private Test EN information (new 2016-04-22)


Youngtimer regulations here

Youngtimer and Mini Ziedas entry form here

Suplementary regulations

Baltic 1000 km supplementary regulations download (no.1)

Supplementary regulations Bulletin 1

Supplementary regulations Bulletin 2


Startline 4H race entry form. Attention, please fill Hankook Baltic 1000 km race entry form (link). If you are planning to participate only in 4 H race, please send filled entry form to with remark ONLY STARTLINE 1000 km RACE. If you plan also participate in 1000 km race, no remark is needed.