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From the former creator of Palanga 1000 km race and owners of most modern racing circuit in Northern Europe the new racing project starts in 2016.

Baltic 1000 km of Parnu, Estonia race will be held for the first time coming June, attracting teams, drivers and spectators from all over the Europe to the new long distance event in Baltics. And it‘s not all about racing. We will create an event not only for race drivers or race fans. Biggest Estonian summer resort Parnu provides millions of opportunities for everybody. With the help of rok bands, performers, celebrities and best race teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium and other countries we will create biggest race Festival at the probably the most modern racing facility in Norther Europe.

Dont forget everyday festivities in Parnu and racetrack, aerial displays and fireworks marking the end of the race and start of Show on Ring.

The eligible cars for the race – all petrol and diesel touring cars, GT cars. All cars participating in Dubai 24 H race will be accepted.

Since 2012 3,2 km long auto24ring is the only racing circuit in Estonia that is fully renovated and meets FIA Grade 3 requirements. It is also one of the newest racing complexes in the entire Northern Europe and many of the drivers have said that this is the best race circuit in Nordic. There is  24 fully operational boxes for the teams and VIP lounges for the special guests.

Auto24ring is 3 km from Pärnu center. (Its geographical coordinates are 58°24’22” N, 24°27’8” E.) The circuit is easily accessed from any of three directions. Pärnu Airport for private planes is located right next to the circuit.

Track length 3,2 km; track width 12/14 m; 23 boxes; pit lane width 12 m; 5 right curves, 10 left curves; paddock ca 20,000 m2;

The distances between auto24ring and other towns and cities:

Port Paldiski 127 km

Port and Airport Tallinn 128 km (1,5 hours drive)

Port and Airport Riga (Latvia) 188 km (2 hours drive)

Helsinki (Finland) 213 km (including the 82 km ferry crossing)

Airport Vilnius (Lithuania) 480 km (6 hours drive)

Pärnu is the fourth biggest in Estonia, with a population of 43,000. It is the country’s most prominent beach resort. It is a tourist magnet in the warmer months and is officially awarded the title of Estonia’s summer capital every  year during Midsummer celebrations.

There are a lot of hotels, spas, night clubs, cafés, restaurants and entertainment venues in the city, which also hosts a large number of cultural and sports events. Its biggest drawcard, however, is its white, sandy beach, which the British newspaper The Independent named as one of the 50 best beaches in Europe in 2011.

Estonia is in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea – and by extension Finland and Sweden – to the north and west and Latvia and Russia to the south and east. Its capital, Tallinn (population: 400,000) has a large passenger port and receives many tourists thanks to its well-preserved medieval Old Town. There are regular ferry connections with Helsinki and Stockholm, and in summer also with Rostock in Germany. Tallinn is of course also home to the country’s biggest international airport.  Another major Estonian port is Paldiski, which offers regular ferry connections with Kappelskär in Sweden. The Latvian capital Riga is only a few hours away, too, with its own international airport and port (with ferry connections to Stockholm).

Entry free to spectators. Expected amount, including parade in Parnu – 20 000 for the first year

Live TV broadcasting in one of the biggest news portals platform, and

Live Tv broadcasting on Baltijos TV Lithuania

Delayed TV broadcasting on international Motors TV channel

VIP and Paddock clubs for celebrities and most dedicated fans

Long term postcomunnication including galeries and video

Dedicated web page with live timing and news stream

DJs performances each day

Race simulators for our younger visitors

Driver autograph sessions, pit walks and other close to action activities


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Darius Grinbergas


Baltic Racing Promotion OÜ

Registration NR 12974061

Adress: Audru ringrada, Papsaare küla, Audru vald, Pärnu maakond, 88137